Which Scenario Describes You?

  • Postponed your goals to raise children and now it's your turn​?

  • Pursued a profession only to keep family tradition alive?

  • Listened to bad advice about a creative or non traditional career?

  • Ignored the nagging that said it's time to be a solopreneur?

  • Stayed at a job that is disconnected to your passion or interests?

  • Made excuses for a corporate world where you feel overlooked?

  • Lost in cycle of frustration and boredom and ready to get off?

  • Tired of flashing a fake smile when others delight in your job title?

  • Confused why greater success meant less fulfillment for you?

  • Unhappy living under others' expectations and not yours?

Professional Woman

It's Never too Late to Make a Change

Let's be honest, we avoid making bold life and career changes because we fear what others' will think or say.


Sometimes, we are afraid of disappointing our family, our spouse, our children or anyone important in our lives.

Imagine stepping into a space where you:

  • Do what you love and still pay the bills​

  • Have greater level of personal satisfaction

  • Break unhealthy ties with a job 

  • Have flexibility to make your best choices 

  • Experience less stress from career burnout

  • Embrace deeper control over your life

That's what coaching with Abby can do for you. Get started today.