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Beyond Glass Ceilings

Transformational and personal success coaching program for today's women of color

Glass ceilings: Barriers that are not visible to eyes, but keep you trapped, stuck and limited in your life

I created this program to help women achieve the same breakthrough and freedom like I did.

I offer my clients a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space to express their fears, voice their needs and explore what's possible and best for them.

You get to work with someone who overcame similar challenges and who can empower you to growth through self-discovery, awareness and intentional actions.

This program is for women who are committed to rediscovering themselves, releasing barriers and stepping into a life that best honors them.

Whether you are ...

- looking for a job that aligns with your interests

- curious about leveraging your skills in new way

- ready to explore solopreneurship

- need a helping hand in visualizing what's next for you, let's talk!

Get guidance you need to get unstuck and move forward with confidence.

Let 2021 be the year that you stop living life by default.

G: Grow

Establish Your Goals

R: Reality

Explore What's Happening

O: Options

Brainstorm Your Options

W: Way

Identify Way for Next Steps

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