Work with Abby

“When you decide to stop paying small, your life and your world begins to evolve” – Abby Locke

How, why and where are you stuck in your life or career?


That is not always an easy question to answer. After all, if you knew, you would fix it, right?

I offer a variety of coaching services to help you move past the obstacles in your life.


I will help you identify personal values, strengths, and abilities in support of your personal and professional goals.

More importantly, my career and personal success coaching programs can help you:

  • increase your internal power, confidence and fulfillment

  • step fully into your passions, talents and self-mastery in the workplace

  • discover new and exciting options for career change and growth

  • create a meaningful life that aligns with your personal interests and goals

The Tune Up

Four sessions


Ideal if you are in a new challenge or expecting life or career transition in the next few weeks. 

The Elevation

Ten sessions


Ideal if you are in a life or career situation now that is creating significant disruption.

The Transformation

Twenty sessions


Ideal if you are ready to make changes and transform your life, career and relationships. 

Your Spot is Waiting...

This program is for the woman who is

Wildly successful in a career that she hates

Embedded in a career field because she is following family tradition

Overlooked and invisible in corporate America and wants a way out

Simply burned out and not sure what's next or what's best for her career

Disconnected with her value and her passion for work has plateaued

Unattached to any professional identity due to long absence from the workforce 

Retired, but wants to keep working in a new career field or profession

Image by Laura Chouette