I Love Helping Women to Re-Write Their Stories

I believe as women, we are powerful and we do so much to keep our families, our children and our communities running smoothly.

Especially in the times we are facing now, women are challenge to wear so many hats. 

Our responsibilities at home have grown tremendously and our professional lives are stretching us thin. 

But we keep going.

We make the best decision that keep others happy, often at the expense of our own dreams and goals.

Over time, we can get lost in the shuffle. We function, we perform and we help bring others to the finish line.

However, when we want to break tradition or walk in a different path, we, along with others, become our greatest critics.

We hesitate around creating bold goals and even convince ourselves that making new moves are not really worth it.

So we settle for comfortable, predictable unfulfilled lives. 

In my own life, whenever I started feeling restless and bored and mismatched with my job, I hopped to another job.

But what was really happening was that I was bringing the same unfinished goals and dormant passions to a new environment.

And the cycle just kept going until I challenged myself to make bold changes.

Sometimes the right work finds you and falls in your lap (like it did with me), but why leave your future to chance?