Finding My Passion In An Unusual Place

People often comment on my passion in coaching. They share that they can tell that I really enjoy what I do.

Truth is…I really do!

What's not apparent is the trail of “closed doors” that led me to this purpose filled work.

You see, I went to college and got a business degree because I had a strong mind for business.

However, there was always a helping people aspect that appealed to me.

After college, I worked at a bank for a few years (hated it) and then earned my MBA degree.

Here’s where the story gets interesting.

After completing my MBA, I struggled to find a satisfying job, the big-name companies rejected me left and right.

I sat back while all my classmates settled into fast growing, lucrative careers. In many ways, I felt overlooked and left behind.

Sure I worked and managed to get decent jobs. But every 18 months, I was looking again.

Hoping, wishing and praying to finally land my amazing, dream job.

During this season of feeling lost and undervalued, I became an adjunct professor / administrator at Taylor Business School in NY. 

I taught Business courses and managed the academic growth  for over 200 adult students.

Before long, I needed to assist them for life after graduation and despite many referrals to the career counselor on staff, they only wanted to work with me.

Soon just about every student came to me for resume and job search help.

Once I realized that I had tapped into something I enjoyed, I decided to pursue it further.

At the time, I figured that it would be a great side business for extra income.

While visiting a bookstore, I saw a blue book faced down and flipped it over to see the name.

Well, here's what I saw...the title was, “How to start your own home-based resume writing business”.

That epiphany moment started my journey to becoming a resume writer. As my interests deepened, I became a career and personal success coach.

My coaching work has connected me to professionals across the US and around the world including Italy, South Africa, Germany, Thailand, India and more.

A “failed” MBA career led me here and I have zero regrets.

Today, I am dedicated to helping professional women like you find your "blue book" to meaningful work and a more fulfilling life.