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Abby Locke Coach

Reimagine Life & Career

We have all been fed the same story and messages throughout life

You know what I am talking about.


Go to school, get an education, find the right job, work hard and ride out success to the end.

But we know that life never plays out that way. 

Working in your passion, using your gifts and absolutely enjoying what you do, day in and day out is a rare blessing.

I know because I am fortunate to experience that each and every day.

However, there are plenty of smart, talented and intelligent women I talk to every day who are not living in that space.

By the time they reach out to me, they are totally overwhelmed, burnt out and unhappy.

Regardless of the picture perfect vision of success they may display on the outside.

When you have the freedom and flexibility to make the best choices that align with your personal interests, passion and purpose, your life is always better for it.

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” - Vincent von Gogh

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What Clients Say


R. Alexander

I believe working with Abby was the keystone to helping me find the right position. She helped me clarify exactly what I wanted and valued in a career; with her help and focus I was able to find a position within two months of beginning my search.

If I still have your attention, you have reached the right place

I know what you are going through because I lived in that "uneasy, unsettled" place for years.

You see, I was always drawn to a career that focused on helping others.


I grew up in a large, immigrant family where education was strongly encouraged and the path to traditional careers was seen as the pinnacle of success. 

I was intrigued by the business world and did all the "right" things.


I got a college degree and later gained a MBA degree (no regrets there), but the career journey that followed was lackluster at best.


I appreciated the work structure and predictability, but my passion for guiding others to growth was never a part of my job. 

I wanted more and every 18 months, I was in search of a new job.


Praying each time that I would find one that was right for me.

It was during this season of trying on different roles that I found the field of professional development and later coaching.

Today, I live in a different place - mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Now, I am dedicated to helping professional women like you to re-write chapters of your life / career story.


I can help you to think bigger about what is possible.


So you can spend less time "wandering" like I did and more time living.


Meet Abby

Join me on a co-creative journey to revisit untapped dreams, awaken dormant passions and unlock your greatness, purpose and confidence.

What my clients value about me:

  • My passion and commitment for the work

  • My ability to help shift their self perspective

  • My positive energy and outlook 

  • My wealth of knowledge on mindset and positive psychology

  • My compassion as they unlearn unhealthy thinking patterns